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Home of Bribery Commission IP who served summons on MR; investigated Shiranthee’s Sirilya fraud, open fired ! (Video)

Two individuals who arrived in a motor cycle had opened fire on the house of  police inspector Chinthaka of the commission inquiring into allegations of bribery and corruption who served notice a few months ago on Mahinda Rajapakse to appear at the commission . The attackers after shooting at the house of the inspector situated …

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Mahinda with defeat staring ominously in his face gives up on his P.M. post dreams ! ..Decides not to take oaths as M.P.

Deposed people discarded president , Kurunegala district candidate Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse who  by now has realized  beyond any trace of doubt that his defeat is writ large on the wall at the up coming elections, has decided, if by any chance he is elected , to abstain from taking oaths as an opposition M.P. . …

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People are now aware how Gotabaya acted with regard to the drug business – Karu

‘People are now aware how Gotabaya acted with regard to the drug business in the country’said by Hon. Karu Jayasuriya,Minister Of Public Administration, Local Government And Democratic Governance in the press statement issued yesterday(30). The minister further says’the Ministers and parliamentarians connected to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government even with the intervention of the Prime Minister, wholesale …

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The brutal killing orchestrated by Rajapakse desperadoes ; don’t blame it on underworld criminals- Ravi (video)

Those behind the  ruthless brutal shooting incident that killed and injured several of his supporters at Bloemendhal road are none other than Rajapakses and their restless ‘ghosts’ who after defeat  are so desperate that in their maniacal power craze and murderous craving are resorting to the worst of criminal activities oblivious even of lives of …

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China’s Continuing Woes In Sri Lanka

By R. Hariharan – Even in the midst of all political gerrymandering going on in Sri Lanka as election fever is heating up, China must be one country praying (but do Communist nations pray?) for former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s successful return as prime minister after the country elects a new parliament on August 17, 2015. …

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Ruggerite Thajudeen was tortured and killed : arrests of Yoshitha and ex DIG Anura Senanayake imminent

Arrests of Yoshitha Rajapakse and ex DIG Anura Senanayake are imminent in connection with the death of rugby player Wasim Thajudeen which by now has been confirmed as a brutal cold blooded murder , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. The preliminary investigations conducted by the CID is now concluded , and it is …

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Lankan-Born International Drug Kingpin Is Gota’s Buddy: Karu Jayasuriya

“I will be dedicated to the task of totally eradicating the drug menace presently experienced in Sri Lanka. I will do so within a period of three years through a coordinated effort covering the implementation of laws, the actions of police and other social institutions”. The above paragraph is quoted from the fancy document titled …

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Mahinda’s racist cat jumps out of its pouch

Reports reaching us confims that a Lankadeepa photo journalist has been taken into custody by the security personnel of the Kurunegala district parliament contestant Mahinda Rajapaksa for taking pictures of the Buddhist singhalese flags raised during an election campaign in Yatinuwara. The incident was published in the Lankadeepa website as below “Well build security personnel …

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Ukkuwa the underworld pet of Namal and Captain Moorthy murdered : to wipe out evidence against Namal ?

The most ruthless contract murderer Jayaweera Patabendige Indika Prasanna alias ‘Pallikudawe Ukkuwa’ of Namal Rajapakse and his notorious coordinating secretary , Captain Moorthy Kodituwakku was murdered by a group last morning. Ukkuwa along with two others who are out on bail in connection with a murder have to report to Tangalla police once a week …

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Aha..! Internet for the whole country..! Sri Lanka to be the first country in the world to have universal internet access in partnership with Google Loon

Foreign, Telecommunications and IT Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, today announced on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka a historic initiative to cover the entire country with affordable high-speed internet in partnership with Google. Using high altitude balloons Google Loon will cover every inch of Sri Lanka with seamless access to the internet. Sri Lanka is …

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Gota the ‘killer shark’ spent Rs. 230 million of State funds for fish tank of sharks ! -Shocking exposure by Ravi

Rs. 230 million of government funds was spent to construct a fish tank at the official residence of ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse to breed killer  sharks, minister of finance Ravi Karunanayake of the government of good governance made this shocking revelation when addressing a media briefing yesterday.(24) In addition , during the same Rajapakse …

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Medamulana power greedy maniac’s Rs. 28 million election campaign bills settled by abysmally suffering nation

Percy Mahendra Rajapakse the Medamulana crazed power greedy maniacal ex president who was thrown out lock, stock and barrel by the people recently , is now unashamedly stooping to the lowliest of levels to enter parliament as just an  opposition M.P. Lanka e news is in receipt of information supported by evidence which explains why …

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Surcharge Those Responsible For Mattala Air Port

By Madawala Hemananda – I read the article by R.M.B Senanayake published in your esteemed journal, the Colombo Telegraph, and it provoked me to respond in a rather lengthy detail, as the idea of surcharging is such a foolish idea, because it will just prove to be a case of adding insult to injury, in …

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Long live “King of Thugs”

When Lanka News Web reported few days back about Mahinda Rajapaksa’s assault on Susil Prem Jayanth few pro Rajapaksa readers castigated us in filth not to mudsling against the former president. We reported the said news following the confirmation of few people who were present there. We are now going to report another similar thuggery …

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Where and why did Gotabaya’s bootlicking lackey Major general send Prabhakaran’s white van with bogus number plate and his armed men?

Major general Prasanna De Silva who carried out the murder contracts of brutal corrupt coward Gotabaya  Rajapakse during the Rajapkse regime , and who was a criminal stooge of theirs , has got trapped with Prabhakaran’s white Van to the Mirihana police when trying to repeat the same conspiracies and criminal activities during the run …

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Surcharge Those Responsible For Mattala Airport Cost

By R.M.B Senanayake – Surcharge those responsible for the cost of the Mattala Airport – a colossal waste of public funds The Mattala Airport is a colossal waste of public funds. It was estimated to cost US$ 210 million. It was entirely the idea and work of Mahinda Rajapaksa. There is no evidence that he consulted …

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‘This Alliance is to defeat deposed Rajapakse’s counter revolution’ -Ranil ; UNP , SLFP ,JHU, SLMC , TPA form ‘UNF for good governance’ (Video)

The deposed Mahinda Rajapakse is manuevering to reverse the people’s  revolution of 8 th January , therefore as a counter revolution , a number of parties have united under the elephant symbol as a temporary expedient . However after the elections separate registration will be made ‘ said UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe when placing his …

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Lurid details of three more sexual assault victims of Sarath Abrew – one victim took poison; Who is the high and mighty ‘animal’ protecting this criminal?

Mahinda Rajapakse whom Maithripala Sirisena is toiling to bring back to power after himself committing a monumental and historic betrayal against the very people who  elected Maithripala to power , is the infamous  ex president whose name by now is synonymous with corruption , murder , mayhem and vice . A deposed president  who was …

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