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The Chinese Government has directly remitted money to Shiranthi’s Siriliya Account Featured

It is revealed that the Chinese Government has directly remitted funds to the former Present Mahinda Rarapaksa’s wife’s Siriliya Bank Account. A sum of USD 75,000 has been credited to her account at one . According to the regulations if a foreign country is granting a donation to a local non government organization the foreign …

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Pressure exerted for Rajitha to resign

Report reaching us confirm that MP’s and ministers are exerting pressure to health minister Rajitha Senarathna to resign from his ministerial position following the exposure of his illegal financial dealings between him and the owner of the Avantgarde company Nissanka Senadipathi. Since there is a complaint in the Bribery & Corruption against Rajitha about a …

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Key points of the Budget 2016

Budget 2016 has been created under the zero budget concept. Regulatory authority will be created to monitor and support Micro,Small and Medium scale enterprises. Sustainable energy is essential in bringing about sustainable development in the country – Min. Ravi. Certified price for Paddy. Certified price for Rice, Keeri samba Rs51, Nadu Rs38, Samba Rs 41 …

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Budget 2016 – Vehicle permits abolished for MP’s

The finance minister has proposed to abolish the concessionary vehicle permit given to the parliament MP’s and public workers. The minister by presenting the 2016 budget said by providing such a tax relief the Sri Lankan government is losing 40 billion rupees annually. Minister further said giving concessionary vehicle permits has become politicized and the …

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‘China contributed $10 Bn to Lanka so far’-HE Amb Xianliang

China has contributed almost $10 Bn to Sri Lanka so far while Sri Lanka’s strategic location is not such a unique advantage to the country said the mainland, while Sri Lanka on its part, called Chinese industry to set up here and gain faster access South and West Asia, as revealed on 20 November in …

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New Twist To Ongoing Battle Between Rajitha And Avant Garde Boss

In a new twist to the ongoing battle between Health Minister Rajith Senaratne and Avant Garde boss Nissanka Senadhipathi, another recorded telephone conversation surfaced today which claims that Senaratne refused to accept and in fact had returned Rs.05 million which was given to him allegedly by Senadhipathi.   The Lanka e news web site yesterday …

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3 ITN officers sent on compulsory leave!

Three top officers of ITN have been sent on compulsory leave, effective from today (16), over several irregularities, including the causing of a Rs. 100 million income loss to the institution by telecasting ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s advertisements without a charge, while overcharging his challenger Maithripala Sirisena at the last presidential election. They are deputy general …

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The Loss of Sri Lanka’s ‘Truth-Telling’ Monk

George Orwell once reminded us that ‘in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ That powerful injunction came immediately to mind even as the flames dimmed this Thursday over the funeral pyre of Sri Lanka’s inimitable ‘truth teller’, the Most Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha who led the ‘yahapalanaya’ (good governance) upsurge …

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Sri Lanka Losing Credibility: Avant Garde

The Avant Garde Maritime Security Services today said Sri Lanka had lost credibility in the eyes of global shipping agents due to its handling of affairs related to the current controversy surrounding the maritime security firm. Manager – Commercial Protection at Avant Garde Nilantha Jayaweera said over 150 foreign ships which earlier used the services …

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Bilateral agreements of MR-RW & Gota-Malik.

Prior to the Presidential elections, Mahinda & Ranil had an agreement that they will look after each other in post election situation. Another agreement was executed between Gota & Malik as an extension of the MR-RW agreement. The most important content of the agreement was not to take any of the MR family members to …

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Emil Kanthan was assured of freedom by Gota.

Some of the money paid to RADA around 500USD was transferred to Dubai on the basis that Emil Kanthan will not be arrested over any of the LTTE or RADA issues. This money, then transferred to Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar. It is said that the money transferred by Emil, 100% of it has gone to …

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Kickbacks & commissions monies collected by Rajapaksas’

It is reported that Mahinda Rajapaksa has dispatched most of the robbed money out of the country and most if it was handled by Sajin Vas Gunawardena who is now state witness to many misappropriation during the last regime. It is said that the between Namal & yoshitha has 5 accounts with a sum total …

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Avant Guard case is fixed well.

              Arms ship of Avant Guard matter is well handled by Nissanka Senadhipathi. Nissanka has bribed judges in the bench. It is reported that Rohini Marasinghe was bribed through her husband Lakshman Marasinghe with 10million. This has been revealed by Nissanka Senadhipathi himself in a private party and it …

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Eye opening speech..! Economic Policy Statement made by Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament today

Hon. Speaker, On the 08th of January, the people of Sri Lanka elected Maithripala Sirisena as the President in pursuit of much needed change. This was confirmed at the Parliamentary Election held in August. Our final goal is to improve and enhance the living standards of the people; it is the goal for which we …

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TI Places Sri Lanka In ‘Very High Risk’ Category For Corruption In Defence Sector

A Transparency International report from London has placed Sri Lanka in the high risk category for corruption in the defence and security sector. Sri Lanka’s 2015 the Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index* (GI) ranking in Band E places it in the very high risk category for corruption in the defence and security sector. “The country scored …

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Money belong to the State Mortgage bank was transferred to Basil’s wife’s foundation

Reports reaching us conform that the FCID has started to investigate another illegal transaction of Basil Rajapaksa. News confirm that the latter without a cabinet paper approval has transferred a sum of Rs. 3.5 million from the State Mortgage and Investment Bank to his wife Pushpa Rajapaksa Foundation. The FCID has able to search the …

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Bribery & Corruption Commission mucks up its affairs

Reports reaching us from the Bribery & Corruption Commission confirm that the effort of recovering the USD 500 million owned by the Rajapaksa’s deposited in the Mashreq Bank would become a failure attempt. When the news was revealed the director general of the Bribery & Corruption lawyer Dilrukshi Wicramasinghe without sorting diplomatic help has travelled …

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MR ‘s harming civilians is unending: Earlier by design now by accidents -Couple knocked down by MR security jeep!

Following a vehicle of ex president ,the brutal corrupt de  facto deposed dictator , and present  Kurunegala district M.P. Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse knocking against a motor cycle , a couple travelling on it sustained serious injuries and was admitted to hospital. It is well to recall even during the brutal lawless reign of MR …

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