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Sajin Vaas, Chris Nonis come to blows

The foreign ministry’s supervising MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena, known among Rajapaksa family members as ‘baggage boy’ and the president’s confidential financial advisor, and Chris Nonis, Sri Lankan high commissioner in the UK, came to blows in New York yesterday (25), reports say. Their fight took place at the ground floor of the hotel, which is …

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Bhikku Wirathu, chief guest at BBS convention

Bhikku Wirathu of Myanmar, described by the west as the ‘Buddhist terrorist’ is due to attend the convention of Bhikkus of Bodu Bala Sena on coming Sunday (28) as the chief guest, say internal sources of the organization. More than 5,000 Buddhist monks from across the country are due to participate in this annual convention …

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Sajin Vass Gunawardena_CI

Macko & Kinithullas in Rajapaksa Body!

My father had a land in Matara & we used to visit the property almost every month. The property was looked after by a watcher/keeper & he had some buffalos. The buffalos were grassing in our property and he also had a small shed in the far corner of the property adjoining his house. The …

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Mahinda Rajapaksa has plans to insult Nimal Siripala & Jagath Pushpakumara over Uva Debacle.

Mahinda has already planned out a major campaign to insult Nimal & Pushpakumara over the debacle in Uva. Mahinda is making this move to rescue his nephew, Sashindra Rajapaksa and the image of Rajapaksa name. Police was one hell of a joke. They introduced road blocks to protect Rajapaksa sponsored terror battalions. However, people in …

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BBS To Promote A Sinhala Buddhist Leader To Further Their Agendas

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has annonuced that they will select and declare a leader who can promote their Sinhala Buddhist campaigns in politics, during a Sangha Sammelanaya (Summit of Buddhist monks) on Sunday. BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara had stated that Sri Lankan Buddhists are in dire need of a leader who can …

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Rajapaksa Henchman Among Top 50 Gaming Tycoons In Asia

The Rajapaksa regime might be spewing lies to the locals on their stand on casinos, but their underhand deals to establish casinos Sri Lanka cannot be kept under the wraps forever as a powerful henchman of the regime – Dhammika Perera has been listed among the top 50 gaming tycoons in Asia. Perera has been …

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UPFA may Have Won the “Uva Match”but the “Man of the Match”award Goes to the UNP’s Game Changer Harin Fernando.

By Dharisha Bastians Never before has a winning partyparty licked its wounds so defensively. Never before has a losing side been so jubilant in defeat. The Uva provincial election will be epoch-making in more ways than one. But for bringing his party back with a fighting chance, it is young Harin Fernando who should take the …

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Presidential Polls For MR, Now Suicidal

“With all the thuggery and State patronising that reminds one of CBK’s Wayamba PC elections, Uva PC elections ; my forecast is (made on 14 Sept) – Moneragala (03 seats extra this time) : UPFA 08, UNP 05, JVP 01 and Badulla (03 seats less now) – UPFA 10, UNP 07 & JVP 01 – …

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Yet another Sri Lankan spying for Pakistan against India trapped in Chennai confirming LeN’s previous exposures

The exposure made by Lanka e news during the recent past that the Rajapakse regime had provided facilities to the Pakistan intelligence divisions to use Sri Lanka (SL) as a headquarter to carry out its espionage activities against India was further confirmed when another Sri Lankan who was engaged in spying on behalf of Pakistan …

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Arrival of Chinese nuclear submarine and warships prior to Chinese President’s visit confirm SL is a Chinese colony

While the Chinese President Shi Jinping is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka (SL) tomorrow(16) , this evening a Chinese nuclear military submarine made its appearance at the Colombo harbor CICT Jetty belonging to China, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. This ChangZheng 2 submarine is a part of northern China …

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There is no doubt that Harin Fernando’s candidacy had a huge impact on the election outcome. In previous provincial elections, a key problem faced by the UNP was its inability to field suitable chief ministerial candidates. The UNP’s other chief ministerial candidates may have been popular in their own areas but none of them had a national profile. In the eyes of the electorate, they lacked gravitas. By deciding to give up his parliamentary seat and contest Uva, Harin Fernando filled this important gap. Mr. Fernando did what Sajith Premadasa should have done in Southern Province, Ravi Karunanayake or Harsha de Silva should have done in Western Province and Dayasiri Jayasekera should have done in North-Western Province – should have done but did not.

Uva: The Slap And The Signal

By Tisaranee Gunasekara – “Now near enough.” – Shakespeare (Macbeth) Uva is an electoral slap in the face for the Ruling Family, a clear sign that the Rajapaksa magic has begun to wane. The Rajapaksas scraped through in Uva, with an unflattering, uncharacteristic 51.2%. This lacklustre performance is post-18th Amendment which created a lopsided electoral playing …

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Killy-Tiran make a puppet of Tissa!

UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake resigned from the party’s leadership council this morning (22). He was its ex-officio member. Party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday afternoon informed leadership council chairman Karu Jayasuriya that he would not, under any circumstances, give into a condition for the abolition of the council if Sajith Premadasa was to accept the …

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No Cigar For Singing Sajith

Sajith Premadasa whose forte on the campaign trail appeared to be his singing skills is tipped to be appointed UNP Deputy Leader in two days. The pro-Sajith media houses Sirasa and Mawbima have launched campaigns hailing Premadasa’s contribution to the UNP’s significant gains in the Uva Province particularly in the Badulla District. Angry UNP insiders …

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‘Japana Hapana’ And ‘Cheena Patas’ Will Test Our Nepotism-Based Diplomatic Capacity

By Charitha Ratwatte – The story begins in 1951, to be precise, on 8 April. The day on which the Treaty of San Francisco, between Japan and part of the Allied Powers who fought World War II, was signed. It was signed by 48 nations, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. The Treaty came …

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Mahinda, you’ll have to be frightened now…!

The final result was out barely a few hours ago. The UPFA has won 17 seats, UNP 13 seats and the JVP two seats. When compared with the 2009 Uva provincial council, it appears that the UPFA’s number of seats has declined from 25 to 17, while the UNP has seen an increase from seven …

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All Party Parliamentary Group For Tamils Urges UK Govt To Consider Sanctions Against Sri Lanka

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG for Tamils) has requested the UK government to consider all actions including sanctions against Sri Lanka, until the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) agrees to cooperate with the investigation led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the war crimes allegations. The APPG …

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Facing Mahinda Rajapaksa In The Next Presidential Election: Three Views

By Sumanasiri Liyanage – There have been three main views on how the Sri Lankan opposition should face President Rajapaksa in the next Presidential election. First view suggests that the main issue today is the issue of defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa and eventually his family’s hold in power. Reasons given are inter alia strong tendency towards …

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On Chinese President’s Visit To Sri Lanka

By Ranil Wickremesinghe – The United National Party welcomes the visit of President of Peoples’ Republic of China and General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping to Colombo this week. China is a long time friend of Sri Lanka and our two countries share a deep cultural, economic and political relationship. Together, our …

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